Greg R. (May 2018)

  • “ …I can tell you from first hand experience that these paddles are an essential tool that all paddlers should add to their kit. Not only are they amazingly well built, they are extremely useful. Besides the main purpose of being a tool to help you exit your boat, they can be used as a seat for fishing or rest stops.”

Jane B. – Gives the Back-up Paddle 5 Stars. (June 2018)

  • “I’ve only had the opportunity to use it a few times – However I love it. Great idea and truly helps me out of my boat.”

Janet M. – Gives the Back-up Paddle 5 Stars. (June 2018)

  • “I was able to get out of my kayak much easier.”

Beth A. – Gives the Back-up Paddle 5+ Stars (June 2018)

  • “My friend Ruth F. bought two of your back up paddles, one of each style. She gave one to me since we kayak together and were having the same problem of getting out of our sit-in kayaks. We were so excited to try them out but we had received them in winter with snow on the ground so we just had to go out in Ruth’s backyard and give them a try. We even took pictures of our practice session. We had to go back inside and watch the video on your website and then went out to try them again. We were both able to get right out! We are a couple of “older” ladies with bad knees so we always needed assistance from friends to exit after our kayak run… We are now able to get out all by ourselves! We do have a rope tied to the front handle of our kayaks and pull ourselves up after we are sitting pretty on the back up paddle. Imagine our delight that we have regained our independence thanks to your paddles!!! … We are delighted that we have regained our independence when exiting our kayaks thanks to your back-up paddles!”

Evelyn D. – Gives the Back-up Paddle 5+ stars (June 2018)

  • “I love it! It’s the perfect addition to my new boat and its nice to have a ‘back up’ when you find you can’t get back up! Thank you for your wonderful product and prompt customer service.”

Shirley G..– Gives the Back-up Paddle 5 stars (August 2018)

  • “Thank you for a wonderful idea and a wonderful product”…”The quality of these paddles is excellent and for that price, is unbelievable!”

Sandra W. – Gives the Back-up Paddle 2 stars (October 2018)

  • “Sorry but it doesn’t work for me. I don’t have the arm strength to lift myself up. Probably better for men!”.
    Manufacturer’s Response: That’s disappointing … I’d just like to say that if you can raise yourself up from the landing to the bottom step at your house using your arms and legs to boost yourself up you should be able to use the Back-up Paddle. Many of my customers are women and have used it successfully. Also here is the clip from the original website showing an alternate use for those who might have this difficulty. https://youtu.be/PI1YWJnlT0s

Paula M. – Gives the Back-up Paddle 5 stars (October 2018)

  • “Have not had a chance to use them yet (I ordered 2) but am very impressed with the beautiful finish and quality of the paddles”

Michael E. – Gives the Back-up paddle 5 stars (November 2018)

  • “This has made getting out of my kayak so much easier for me! I’m going to order one for my 72 yr old father so he can continue to kayak.”

Janna S. ordered a Classic model paddle and wrote in to say…(December 2018)

  • “Gift was a big surprise & success! Thank you for the quick service.”

Paul A. gives the Back-up Paddle 5 stars (January 2019) He said…

  • “The ability to ‘easily’ get out of my kayak has been wonderful. A helpful ‘bucket list’ product-Enables me to kayak more.”

Ruth F. – Gives the Back-up Paddle 5 stars. (July 2019)

  • “Gave 3 as gifts to fellow Yakers and we all love them”

Paul S. – Gives the Back-up Paddle 4 stars. (July 2019)

  • “Fortunately have not had to use as an emergency paddle but nice to know it’s there if needed. Did not work well with my kayak as an aid for getting in and out.
    Manufacturers note: Paul has a sit-on-top kayak.

Michael E. – Gives the Back-up Paddle 5 stars. (July 2019)

  • “I have bad knees and this has helped make getting out so much easier. Well made and takes up little room. Have also given as a gift.”