Did you come here in search of a backup paddle or to answer the question “How to get out of a kayak with bad knees”? The Back-up Paddle is for those Kayak paddlers who like the comfort and security of a sit-in style kayak but find getting out of these kayaks a challenge.

The Back-up Paddle is a dual use kayak paddle. Placed behind you across the cockpit coaming it allows you to scoot up to an elevated seated position. Now, with your feet under you, it’s much easier to stand up and get out of the kayak. It helps you get… “back up”.

In addition to having a reserve paddle if there is some mishap with your main paddle, it is also very useful for shoving off the beach, fending off an obstruction, or paddling through a tight spot, such as a marsh channel. Along with your life vest, paddle leash, and bailer, a backup paddle is a recommended piece of basic kayak safety gear.