“What is the difference between the Utility model and the Classic Model?”

  • The Utility model was designed for the minimalist. It is lighter than the Classic model and will stow on or in the kayak a little more easily. But it is still an effective reserve paddle along with helping you get back up. The Classic model with its more traditional paddle shape is more effective as a reserve paddle and its wider shaft makes it more comfortable as a seat. The top end is curved so the user can really press on it when using the paddle to shove off when the boat goes aground.

“Can I use the Back-up Paddle to get out of my kayak at a dock?”

  • The Back-up Paddle was designed to be used when the kayak is beached. If you try to use it when afloat, in most cases, your center of gravity will be too high and the kayak will be unstable and may tip. There are some good You Tube videos that show how to get in and out of a kayak at a dock.

“Sometimes the kayak rocks back and forth when I’m trying to get up on the Back-up Paddle. Is there a fix for that?”

  • Yes. If you keep both feet on one side of the bottom of the kayak when you scoot up onto the paddle it will keep the boat from rocking.