Backuppaddle.com is a USA based micro manufacturer that was developed by me, John Uhle, to answer the needs of those kayakers, myself included, who would answer “YES” to the following questions…

  • Do you prefer a sit-in kayak because it affords you more protection from the elements such as wind, spray, and with a spray skirt… the sun?
  • Would you like your kayak more if you could get up and out more easily?
  • Do you think it’s a good idea to have a reserve, or backup paddle when you go kayaking?

After many trials with different materials and several product evaluation surveys backuppaddle.com can now offer a strong, inexpensive, and light weight reserve paddle that can make your kayaking experience more enjoyable. Also consider if you are introducing a relative or friend to kayaking in a sit-in recreational kayak, the Back-up Paddle can make their first foray stress free and fun.

In order to keep the total cost down I am subsidizing the shipping cost and presently I am only shipping to U.S. customers however please contact me if you are from another country and I’ll try and accommodate you.